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Built On Purpose.

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Reminders Vs Recaps

Reminders Vs Recaps

Reminders vs Recaps

The coach barks out "start communicating team!". What does that mean? What do you say? Court leaders constantly provide small reminders to their teammates. Everyone can assume this role of leadership.

Reminders are about what we need to do next. They serve many purposes such as keeping focused on the upcoming play and keeping us from looking backwards on errors. Reminders are about the future and what we call a play-by-play mentality.

“Stay up high for the tip”, “Watch the short serve”, “The setter is front row”, “The hole is in deep 1”, “I have the smaller blocker”, and so on.

There are reminders that can be given in the middle of the play as well. For example, what kind of ball is coming at you? 

“Down ball”, “Free ball”, “Roll”, “Tip”, “Inside”, “Outside”, “Angle”, “Short”, “Long” and so on.

The coaches can provide helpful reminders from the sidelines of course.

“Be ready to jump”, “Watch her coming into the middle”, “Eyes on your hitter”, “Get to the line”, “See the ball”, “Serve to position 1”, and so on.

These types of constant reminders put us in a state of readiness.

Recaps are not as useful

A recap is a statement that recaptures the past. In a match situation, they as less purposeful than reminders. Certainly, a recap about something positive can be useful, but a recap on a previous error is generally not. 

“We need to pass that ball guys”, “The middle was open”, “Sorry that ball should have been mine”, “You have to close that block”, “Was that ball in or out?”


Giving one another constant reminders during and between rallies is how we create energy, ensure teamwork, and stay engaged in the moment.