Building Complete Student-Athletes.


Building Complete Student-Athletes.


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The Beyond Sport Volleyball Academy (BSVA) is one of the specialized program offerings from SD#22. We currently operate in the first Semester beginning in September, thru January. The BSVA is held at the Sky Gateway training facility at 5000 Silver Star Road, Unit 204/205.
The program teaches excellence in volleyball, but the overriding purpose is to create complete student-athletes, preparing them for life beyond sport, and to be outstanding citizens. Students will have an intense physical journey, but also work on areas of self-awareness, setting priorities, healthy habits, teamwork, leadership, self-confidence, and many other principles that will serve them throughout life.
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Our Team


troy a. lorenson, B.Sc.Pt.

director & head coach

Troy Lorenson is the owner of Beyond Sport Inc., and the Volleyball Academy.
Troy's volleyball career includes captaining the 1982 AAA Provincial high school champions, the 1983 AVA Juvenile Provincial champion Alberta Selects, and playing 2-seasons on the Alberta Can-Am team.
During his 5-years setting for the U of A Golden Bears, he was a 3-yr captain, 2-time MVP/Costa Chrysanthou Memorial Trophy winner, and recipient of the U of A's President's Trophy for Outstanding Leadership. Troy received his degree in Physiotherapy (Valedictorian) in 1990. He was the Assistant Coach of the Golden Bears in 1989-90.
While in university, Troy was Assistant Director with the Alberta Volleyball Association, and owned a volleyball camp company called Up With Volleyball.
Troy is married to Tracey and has 2 daughters. He worked for Performance Health for 22 years and is President of Beyond Sport Inc. which he founded in 1992. Troy has played for the Canadian Masters team for 10 years, and is the past President of the Sky Volleyball Club, which he has coached in for the past 11-seasons. He also is the head coach of the W.L. Seaton senior girls volleyball team.



lori moger, M.SC.

head coach

Lori competed as an NCAA Div II player while earning a degree in Kinesiology. After an internship at the Mayo Clinic, she dove into a Sports Psychology Master’s degree at Indiana University. While there, Lori coached the Men’s I.U. Club team, Junior Olympics, and competed with the I.U. club team, earning All-American honours.

“I feel like volleyball is the truest team sport. You just can’t win with one superstar. On the court, there’s nowhere to hide! I coach a lot of fundamentals - there’s a reason all the best players look very similar!”

“I look forward to coaching with the Academy and being a small part of an athlete’s journey.”

Lori earns money as a kinesiologist and real estate investor, but more importantly is an above average water skier, drinks too much coffee, and is usually up for a road trip.



terrence limbert

co-owner/head coach, forge valley fitness

Terrence has been coaching in the industry for 10 years now with the last 7 being at Forge Valley Fitness which he owns and operates with his wife Bonnie. He is a Power Athlete Block One Coach and Level 3 CCFT with thousands of hours training a wide array of clients ranging from teenagers new to exercise, desk jockeys, former high school athletes, and up to international level athletes.
With the success he found from improving his performance with weight training, he has always had a goal to influence young athletes in various sports to do the same. He knows first-hand how crucial it is to become stronger, more athletic and most of all, more resilient in all areas of sport.
He has always believed, "If you do what you've always done, you'll always get what you always got."



alex toering

professional trainer, forge valley fitness

Alex has been a professional trainer for just over a year and half and enjoys helping athletes discover their passion for health and fitness. He has completed the MadLab Junior apprentice program, and is currently working on his Pre-Script Level 1 & Pre-Script Programming certifications. He has worked with youth aged 8-12, teens aged 13-18 and general population with the goal of helping them all to discover athletic performance should be developed through specific practice while providing some level of enjoyment and satisfaction. 
A quote that drives Alex’s coaching practice, “opportunity does not waste time with those who are unprepared.”


Corinne McWhinney

academic instructor

Corinne McWhinney is the Vernon School District Volleyball Academy academic instructor and Vice Principal of Alternate Learning Schools.
Corinne has a long history with volleyball in Vernon, dating back to playing for the Fulton Maroons in high school, playing Vernon Volleyball Club in its inception in the 80’s, Team BC and Okanagan College volleyball team. She spent many years coaching high school volleyball, club volleyball & 2 seasons with the Zone 2 BC Summer Games team.  
She is excited to return to being involved in player development and supporting both academic and athletic growth of the Volleyball academy students.





We utilize the OnForm app as our video analysis and messaging platform. This provides us with the ability to capture multiple technical videos of each student, and share them immediately.
This tool dramatically improves our ability to develop players to their fullest. We can accurately see what the athletes are doing in slow motion, share that information with them, and provide feedback for any correction necessary.

our students

Many sports programs are sold as a stepping stone to get to the next level.  Too often we focus on the next team, the next opportunity, the next season. 
Our students will become stronger players, but we want them immersed in the present.If our graduates don’t pursue a post-secondary volleyball career, I want them to feel the Academyprepared them for more than volleyball. That it was a remarkable experience in its own right.

Highly motivated peers

You will be immersed with like-minded student-athletes, who are not only driven, but supportive and kind.
The court is our classroom, and we place a high priority on culture as with any successful sports team.

volleyball canada ltad path

We are devoted to the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model. LTAD is a framework for an optimal training, competition and recovery schedule for each stage of athletic development. Programs who engage in the model and its practices are more likely to produce athletes who reach their full athletic potential.

complete student-athletes

We offer a diverse variety of modules over the season, including: nutrition, coaching, leadership, mental training, recovery and more.
Grade-level school credits are provided for Physical Education and Sport Development through participationin the BSVA.

we build complete student-athletes

Life is emotional, sport is emotional, and coaching is certainly emotional.We need to have a physical, mental and emotional game plan.


We develop strong healthy bodies through a phased approach.A combination of volleyball specific training & off-court conditioning will ensure athletes can peak at the optimal time in the season.


Our educational program includes modules on developing clear purpose, setting inspiring priorities, building self-confidence & optimizing our mental approach to the game & life.


We don't leave the emotional part of sport to a single pep talk or whiteboard session.  Love for practice, love for the game, & love for our teammates are reinforced as critical to success.

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kind words

"Troy was my daughter's grade ten volleyball coach. He was not your average come to the gym and teach the girls a few skills. He was far more giving of his talent and love for the game. My daughter grew substantially under his guidance. 
She found Troy to be encouraging, fair, and more importantly he taught the girls life lessons and to be respectful of each other."



"I sincerely can't thank you enough for putting your heart and soul into the game we all love. Your patience, work ethic, & passion is something I'll never forget as a player, and as a person. 
I learned so much from your morals and they will continue to be an inspirational to me throughout life as they were on that court. 
Forever a team built on purpose."



"For me what really matters is that my daughter is happy and does her best, and I can wholeheartedly say that she loves her club, the game, her teammates, and her coach.  
A coach can make or break a team and being a parent I feel very blessed that you are a ‘maker’, and that my daughter is part of your team."